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Working for the Wounded

Strongpoint Law Firm helps injured individuals recover benefits and compensation following life-changing accidents.  We are dedicated to personal injuries, including injuries arising under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, the Defense Base Act, and the Jones Act.

Don’t let insurance companies undervalue your claim.  Contact Strongpoint Law Firm for a free case consultation.  You may be entitled to significant benefits.

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Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Strongpoint Law Firm can help you obtain the compensation and benefits that you need after a work accident. It is important to take action immediately because the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act has a very short statute of limitations. If you do not file a claim immediately, you may lose the right to benefits.

Strongpoint Law Firm handles Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation cases across the United States.

Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act covers employees working overseas on United States bases or under government contracts.

The dangerous nature of Defense Base Act employment subjects civilian workers to a range of serious injuries. No matter what type of contractor you were—such as a security contractor, linguist, or truck driver—Strongpoint Law Firm can help you recover indemnity and medical benefits for your physical or psychological injuries.

Strongpoint Law Firm handles Defense Base Act cases across the United States.

Jon B. Robinson and Strongpoint Law Firm’s Core Values


  • All clients deserve great, zealous representation.
  • All clients deserve open and frank communication about their case.
  • All clients deserve an attorney who cares about them.

That is what you get with me. You get an attorney who cares, who returns your phone calls, and who provides guidance, counsel, and forceful representation in the courtroom.

My clients also benefit from an insider’s knowledge of how the insurance industry works. For nearly a decade, I represented Longshore and Defense Base Act insurance companies.
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Maritime Personal Injury and Jones Act

Many maritime injuries can result in catastrophic damage, even death. If you were injured on a vessel, barge, dredge, ferry, cruise ship, recreational vessel, or jet ski, then you may be owed compensation for your injuries.

Jones Act claims are filed by seamen who are injured while working on a vessel. The injured seamen may be entitled to monetary benefits for maintenance and cure, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Strongpoint Law Firm can help you secure the benefits that you are owed.

Personal Injury

Strongpoint Law Firm also litigates car or truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip-and-falls, products liability injuries, and wrongful death cases in Louisiana.  No matter how serious your injury, Strongpoint Law Firm stands ready to assist and represent you.